Mughal Portraits

Reclaiming the lens and redefining beauty


Photos: Simrah Farrukh @simrahfarrukh

Fashion: Meghna Chakraborty

Talents: Amber Iman, Anjali Chakravarti, Anjali Upadhyaya, Anum Hussain, Kiran Aftab, Meghna Chakraborty, Nikita Sankar, Ria Regi, Sumaya Hussaini, Tamara Hossain, Tanaya, Trisha Maragathavel, Varshini Satish, Zenith Farin

South Asian photography was once dominated by colonialists during ethnographic studies. These photos would portray the "exotic" culture and faces of South Asia.

Through Simrah's portrait series, she aims to reclaim the lens and redefine what beauty means in our physiognomy. Simrah photographed the side profiles of 14 South Asian women in Los Angeles. These portraits emphasize the nose, a facial feature, which many South Asian women feel self-conscious about. When rhinoplasty and nose jobs are a trending topic, Simrah hopes to show how beautiful the South Asian face can be to help people feel more comfortable in their own skins.