We blend in and we adapt.

Timid is a platform to uplift unheard Asian stories from around the world. We seek to reclaim “timid” and challenge racial norms by providing channels for sharing and learning from our diverse experiences, empowering and celebrating our collective identity, and inspiring our future generations.

Timid started in San Francisco from a series of conversations between friends. As an editorial photographer, Henry recalled the lack of diversity among the Asian models referred to him by agencies. He soon realized that these gaps in representation are also prevalent outside of the fashion industry. 

As Asians, we sometimes feel the need to conform to predefined norms instead of celebrating our rich and vibrant cultures. We recognize how important it is to embrace the identities we once rejected and to discover who we are and can be beyond the boxes that our family, cultures, and society try to fit us into. 

Through Timid, we are expanding the narratives of all Asian experiences across geography, generations, and cultural differences. We seek to empower, amplify, and celebrate unheard Asian voices beyond our community, and to reclaim the word that has often been used to stereotype, belittle, and overlook us.

Be brave, be loud, be unapologetic.