Song Tea: Peter Luong

Owner, founder, and tea buyer that will have you coming back for more


Photos: Henry Wu

Tea has been around as early as 2700 BCE and is the second most consumed beverage after water. To many, tea is a known comfort, a familiar tradition, and a lifetime companion.

If you are a fellow tea enthusiast, then you need to know about Peter Luong, owner and curator of Song Tea, in San Francisco. As you step into Song Tea, all notions of the traditional tea shop slip away and you are greeted instead with a beautifully curated space filled with ceramic teaware.

There is a palpable quality to the air. As ethereal scents waft over your senses it is almost as if you can feel the texture of the tea leaves. As you follow the sunlight to the nearest window, you'll find a low table for tea tasting accented by an open office space and production area tucked away at the back of the shop.