The Royals

An exploration of Indian culture through fabrics


Talents: Abhishikta Saha & Piyali Ghosh

Photos: Debarghya Mukherjee

Fashion:  Kushal Sen @kush_the_queen

Makeup: Ratul Das


The medley of art, culture, natural beauty, and religion has always been an attraction of India. This diversity helped us to build unique fashion statements from all over the country. Almost every part of India has its own essence and interpretation of Indian culture. Throughout the history of India's fashion, there was an extreme use of luxurious items by kings and queens; from extravagant silks to gold to jewelry with diamond and other precious stones. As a base material, silk was used in various ways when creating clothing for royalty. This photoshoot is our endeavor to fused essences of traditional clothing styles with modern designs.