Michael Le

On leveraging the power of social media to create endless possibilities


Talent: Michael Le @justmaiko

Photos: Raul Romo @raulromo

Fashion: Michael Le @justmaiko

If you’re on TikTok, chances are you probably came across one of Michael Le’s dancing videos where he often features his family or other creators and celebrities. Le is a well-known figure on social media who has amassed over 1 billion likes and millions of followers on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. And while it might seem like his fame and success came easily, there’s a lot of unseen hard work that goes into building his brand and achieving his goals.

Le's message has always been to inspire others and spread love and positivity, which has evolved into his brand Shluv, standing for self-love. He is now focusing on educating and empowering his community on the untapped potential of Web3 and recently announced the launch of a gaming platform called Joystick, which flips the current play-to-earn revenue sharing model by giving players 100% of the revenue they generate. With a multitude of accomplishments, Le continues to inspire others to pursue their passions and live their best lives.

Timid Magazine: Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing and how it has influenced your approach to creating content on TikTok?

Michael Le: Growing up in an Asian household with entrepreneur parents had a significant impact on my life. Their entrepreneurial spirit inspired me to become my own boss and create a business. When I discovered that I could merge my passion for dance with entrepreneurship, it opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities. As I honed my skills in creating and experimenting with videos, I found that I was able to grow more and have even more fun.

TM: Can you walk us through your creative process when developing an idea for a new TikTok video?

ML: My process involves identifying top viral trends and adding my unique spin to them, whether through acting, VFX, comedy, or enhancing the dance itself. From there, I brainstorm the location, outfits, and how I envision the video being shot. I then co-direct with my teammates and videographer and proceed from there.

TM: You're known for incorporating your family and friends into your TikTok videos. How important is family to you, and how has your family supported you throughout your career?

ML: Family is everything to me. My support system consists of close friends and some family members who have had my back and guided me throughout my journey. Including them in my content has been an incredible blessing and a fantastic opportunity. I'm extremely grateful to have been able to share this experience with them.

TM: Your TikTok videos also often showcase your dance skills. How did you get into dancing, and how has it influenced your art?

ML: I began dancing in 2012 after taking a dance class at a studio. Dance has significantly shaped my career, as it all started with my love for it. Sharing my dance videos and choreography inspired me to explore other creative avenues, and the rest is history.

TM: How do you balance your personal life with your TikTok career, especially given the demands of creating consistent content?

ML: It's important to know when to focus on business and when to focus on personal matters. As my career has evolved, I've developed a mindset that prioritizes balancing time with friends and family while still producing videos. It's essential for me to make my schedule work in a way that doesn't feel like I'm burning out. Even if we're working, we're still just having fun at the end of the day.

TM: With social media playing such a huge role in most of our lives, there has been a discourse around anxiety because so much of our lives are being shared with the public. There is also the pressure to keep up with trends. Is this something you’ve struggled with? What advice would you give to others who may be struggling with similar issues?

ML: Social media can be anxiety-inducing, as we often tie our self-worth to views or engagement. The pressure to constantly keep up with trends can be exhausting and draining. I've struggled with this myself, and my advice is to focus on what makes you happy and not solely on views. For long-term success, pursue passions that make you proud, because at the end of the day, it’s a long journey not a short one.

TM: You've traveled all over the world for various events and campaigns. What's been your favorite travel experience so far, and what's on your travel bucket list for the future?

ML: My favorite experience was attending Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. The location and the distinct culture made it memorable. As for my travel bucket list, I'm definitely eager to visit Japan. I’m intrigued to experience life in that country, and I just love the culture so much.

TM: What has been your proudest moment as a TikTok content creator, and why?

ML: My proudest moment is the fact that I’m able to support myself and my family. Social media has allowed me to be able to buy a home and provide them with a life of freedom and endless opportunities. I'm forever grateful for this accomplishment.