On their POWER surge: from debut to devoted fans


Talent: POW @Pow_grid

New 5-member boy group POW made their entrance into the K-Pop scene late last year, quickly captivating fans around the world with their catchy music and undeniable talent. Since their debut, they have been busy traveling internationally, performing on music shows, and connecting with their dedicated fanbase—affectionately called “POWER.”

Their debut EP, titled Favorite, arrived in October 2023 with four tracks, including pre-release track “Favorite” and title track, “Dazzling.” And just as the lyrics in “Favorite” suggests, "each of our own colors, they're different but a great mix," every member brought their unique talents together to create the album.

In January of this year, POW released a new single, a song titled "Valentine" that has garnered much attention. Eager to learn more about their journey, their creative process, and their hopes for the future, Timid recently sat down for an interview with members Jungbin, Yorch, Hong, Dongyeon, and Hyunbin.

Timid Magazine: What has the journey been like so far since your debut last year?

Jungbin: It's been a whirlwind of experiences! From traveling abroad to performing on music shows and creating content, each step has helped us grow as a group. Meeting our amazing fans, the POWERs, has added a whole new level of excitement and connection.

TM: Your new single “Valentine” was released recently. What was your favorite part about filming the music video?

Jungbin: I had a blast filming with some new tech gear we've never used before, like a drone or a robot arm. It was really cool and super exciting.

Hong: I'll admit, it was a bit scary at first, but once we got the hang of it after monitoring a few times, I was really pleased with how awesome it turned out.

Hyunbin: Shooting from fresh angles was a lot of fun, and I think the simple background really made our colors pop.

TM: What is the most memorable Valentine’s gift you’ve given or received?

Jungbin: A box of chocolates from my school buddies back in the day. It symbolized our lasting friendship.

Yorch: A single rose and some stickers.

Hong: Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without chocolates. Can't go wrong with that!

Dongyeon: I haven’t received a Valentine's Day gift, but spending time with our POWERs would be special.

Hyunbin: I still remember this chocolate I got in elementary school. Seeing little kids exchange chocolates is just the most adorable thing.

TM: In the song, you sing “Darling, be my valentine.” Which member do you think can pull off saying that with the most charm?

Jungbin: Well, that's me. After my romance movie marathon, I've submerged myself in a sea of romantic sentiments, so I'm confident I can deliver this line with the sweetness of fine chocolate.

Yorch: It has to be Hyunbin. His enchanting vocal style is tailor-made for this part—soft and romantic, just like the line.

Hong: Hyunbin infused this line with his velvety vocals, and it's an impeccable fit.

Dongyeon: I'm quite certain it's Hyunbin.

Hyunbin: Each of us has a unique singing style, so all the members could pull it off in their own way.

TM: K-pop is known for its catchy music, impressive choreography, and great stage presence. How do you approach learning a new song and its choreography?

Jungbin: We dissect the lyrics to understand the emotions and then strategize how to express them authentically.

Yorch: When we get new choreography, we memorize it first. Then, we focus on synchronizing our movements as a group. Dongyeon is typically the one who pays meticulous attention to detail. For vocals, we listen closely to the guide vocals.

Dongyeon: Personally, I watch and listen to the choreography before I try to perform it myself.

TM: What would be your dream collab?

Jungbin: IU has always been my role model, shaping my desire to become a performer since I was young. Her music has been a source of comfort for me. It would be amazing to collaborate with her.

Yorch: Definitely Joji.

Hong: Dancing alongside J-Hope from BTS would be a dream.

Dongyeon: Sharing the stage with Jungkook would be incredible.

Hyunbin: I'd love to collaborate with Taeyang, my role model. I could learn a lot from him.

TM: What's the best advice you've gotten since your debut?

Jungbin: Don’t forget that you are loved.

Yorch: Focus on the every day and do your best.

Hong: Don’t overthink, work hard, and look ahead.

Dongyeon: It's okay to let loose a little bit.

Hyunbin: Do whatever you want to do on stage.

TM: Looking ahead, what can fans expect from POW as a group or individually in the coming year?

Jungbin: I want to continuously improve as a performer, focusing on music, stage presence, and visuals.

Yorch: We've got some new songs in the pipeline that will showcase even more of what we have to offer, so stay tuned!

Hong: We're dedicated to delivering captivating visuals and top-notch performances!

Dongyeon: Please anticipate witnessing our growth and maturity.

Hyunbin: I've been putting in a lot of effort to improve both my individual and group stage presence, so you'll see that reflected in our performances.

Disclaimer: This interview was edited for length and clarity.