Issue 04: Reimagine
$ 30.00 USD
Starring Mackenyu, Gia Kim, and Minyeong Choi as our cover stars. In this issue, Timid explores the theme: Reimagine. We often reimagine what the world could be, oftentimes for ourselves, our communities, and our future generations. We encounter spontaneous moments of “what ifs”. We dream about tomorrow and the infinite possibilities that have yet been explored. Our imagination is a powerful tool; it allows us to embrace different perspectives, reinterpret traditions, and embrace the unknowns. With the power of re-imagination, we can intentionally carve and reclaim spaces for ourselves and others. Through our stories that build upon our heritage, creativity, dedication, and courage, we will continue to redefine what it means to be Asian, and reimagine a world that’s more inclusive and more diverse, one that not only accepts, but celebrates, our differences.
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